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When Hip Hop Hates Women

You know the debate and the truth: most of the Hip Hop artists implements the lyrics that are often directly offensive, insulting, repulsive and degrading. Especially to women.

The feminist artist Zoe Buckman used those lines and embroidered them onto antique lingerie, the most intimate piece of woman’s garment, but also an object of seduction, sex and tease, to provoke – to start a conversation.

She describes herself as a hip hop lover, she grew up listening to Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, but when she grew up she realized these lyrics are definitely doing something to a young girls mind. Today she is a mother herself, she used to rap to her little daughter hip-hop verses as lullabies, realizing, it’s wrong to say to her child: all women are called “bitches” and “hoes”. So she decided to channel that into her artwork and the “Every Curve” came into being.

It is important to me that people see that there are many empowering messages for women within this genre of music, but that some of the ideas of women are polarizing, One lyric from Biggie reads: “I don’t give the bitch enough to ride the bus.” A Tupac quote reads: “I swear I’ll never call you bitch again.” And one more from Biggie’s “Big Booty Hoes”: “Ain’t that a slut, hell yeah, she even take it in the butt.”

I wanted to place the music in the context of the history of women, and so it was important to me to source antique garments that women had worn close to their bodies, I feel that the pieces take on the stories of the women who have inhabited them and so it felt right to bring some lineage into the work.”

It is something to think about:

Zoe Buckman: Every Curve Zoe Buckman: Every Curve

art-installation-exhibition-lingerie metal-chastity-belts-colorful-contemporary-artwork

Zoe Buckman: Every Curve Zoe Buckman: Every Curve Zoe Buckman: Every Curve Zoe Buckman: Every Curve

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Zoe Buckman Zoe Buckman