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Visual Classic

When you go to a classic concert you mostly just sit there, stare at the orchestra performing and actually it is all a bit…. youknow….. Booooooooring…..

Well the multifaceted musician and independent artist Wax Tailor and the studio DittonGraph could change that experience forever.

In the serious of concerts they performed during the last year in France they have shown how the todays technology can be easily applied to the symphonic orchestra performing live and making it a unique experience.

We will definitely start to go to more classic conerts if they will all look amazing as this:


Scenography / Motion Design on “Phonovisions” directed by dittongraph.com

Recorded & filmed on May 9 & 10, 2014 at the Sebastopol Theatre in Lille, France.
Produced by Wax Tailor
Project directed by Pierre Jampy
Video production : Morgane Production
Orchestration : R. Galichet & Wax Tailor
Live edit : Julien Depardieu & Kristopher Dyja
Mix Studio : Julien Depardieu & Wax Tailor @ House of Wax, Le Studio & Question De Son
Mastered by Jeremy Henry @ Villa Mastering