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The Art Of Record Covers

Hmmmm Vinyllllll…

For all our fellow Vinyl Junkies, Vinyl Freaks, Geeks or whatever you are labeled (or label yourself), we never get bored to mesmerise about the magic of this hardened plastic and the sound it carries on it.

It could be bar discussion topic between us addicts if it’s rather the packaging more than the music that feeds our collectors syndrome. Whatever the outcome, it’s undeniable that these mostly 12”/ 30×30 cm carry a magic of their own, with some being at least as iconic as the music that came with the packaging.

There are several blogs and other platforms where you can find idiotic examples of ugliness and retard creativity (if you are in need of a laugh check for example here), but that’s not where we want to go now.

X-mas is coming. Time for goodies to give and/or reward yourself for  being a good boy/girl a whole year long. Yeah, vinyl is always welcome, but a book celebrating the art of album covers makes happy too. For example this book from the legendary album cover designer Richard Evens named “The Art of Album Covers” (what else…)

Not fresh from the press, as it was published a few years ago, but hey, this is for the diggers who don’t go for the hype!

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