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The absolute beginning of the Album Cover

The first record cover eeeveer for: “Smash Song Hits”.

Alex Steinweiss, the young graphic designer, came up with an idea  to use the record packaging in a creative way. This was 1939.!!!

His first cover was the the Broadway legends: Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. To make the cover he grabbed a photographer, went to New York Imperial Theatre on 45th Street – and convinced the owner to write the words: “Rodgers & Hart”  for an hour on his light panel. Then he added the stylized carvings of a shellac disk to the photo and the first album covers in the world was born!!!

Here are some other of his works and an awesome book released 2009., & already a rarity:

Per Verpackung zum Verkaufsschlager Plattencover Der Sound einer Abrissbirne Plattencover Sex sells Plattencover Gewagtes Motiv Plattencover Schräges Artefakt Collagen-Kunst Freie Kunst nach Noten Folklore für den Erstkontakt Auf beleuchtetem Posten Gershwins "Concerto in F"

& The Master at 92!:

Alex Steinweiss