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How to…

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…understand music. This is a 2 year old video made by Finally studio, but it is still good. It is explaining music in illustrative, simple and playful way. It’s that time again to learn something:


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It’s Monday. Again! And we all have to concentrate on our work. To keep you awake the whole week we prepared something nerdy, cartooning and loud – the BatMetal: Dethklok & Batman mash-up! Oh there`s a part two, too! all … Continue reading

Kendrick Lamar – Alright

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Today blog post is dedicated to one sublime young American rapper, an artist, who revolutionized the genre with his intelligent and socially critical lyrics: Kendrick Lamar. He is back with the new video for the the song “Alright”, kept in … Continue reading

Cover-ed Tunes

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Phew… found not one, but two, both awesome music videos featuring record cover art as their creative output. First one is by Vania Heyman for Roy Kafri’s “Mayokero” a-cappella music video: The second one is directed by Noam Sharon and Tal Zagreba … Continue reading

Creepy Monday

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We think that great songs deserve renewed and creatively re-interpreted videos, like the Olya Tsoraeva‘s take on Radiohead‘s iconic “Creep” song. Claymational animation paired with the melancholically sad lyrics is the perfect match for the rainy and grey Monday’s:

Video Art: Ruffmercy

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Director and animator from Bristol, Ruffmercy visually enhances the music videos implementing his hand-drawn, illustrative, comic art-style, wild, dripping typography and colorful filters. Every video is a jewel on its own and jumps into your face the moment you press … Continue reading

Generation Selfie

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Dublin club C U Next Tuesday played a mean trick on behavioralism making club goers pose for a video, thinking it is only a photo, with the poser -selfie attitude coming out in it’s best light. Andy Warhol was right: “In the future, everyone will … Continue reading

Pretty, pretty kitty

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Snøfeltøffs “Pretty Girl” video is like an visual explosion of tumblr images, Youtube trash, gif’s, kitsch and soft porn all at the same time.. volume up and full screen on! credits: production design by: tøff chopped by: hypnotic panzerfaust starring: … Continue reading