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“Übermut” (High Spirit) ist the name of he new Berlin project, an initiative of visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, and is taking a stand on art made in Germany and the nation’s creativity. Their … Continue reading

He did it again

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The designer of internet acclaimed Marble machine , Martin Molin, from while ago built two new fantastic instruments: “The first is a rather complex take on a traditional music box that uses punched paper-tape to control individual notes, and the second … Continue reading

Autorhythmic experiment

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Oh, nice. This is an experiment with particles in After Effects using Trapcode sound keys  & Mettle Shapeshifter by Ramiro AMK Fernandez. And he even composed the music by himself 🙂 The effects are beautiful!  

Crossroad on the Sesame St.

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Teach you’re kids a little bit about that extensive hip-hop history in showing them this Sesame Street video of “The Crossroads” by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony 😀 Starring: Grover as Bizzy Bone Elmo as Layzie Bone Cookie Monster as Krayzie Bone and … Continue reading

It’s B-a-a-uer!

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Remember that Harlem Shake hype from couple of years ago? We are getting ready for the weekend and bring you a short on the man behind; the American DJ and producer Harry Rodrigues, better know as The Baauer and a nice … Continue reading

Raw Craft

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“Raw Craft” YouTube series by the famous chef Anthony Bourdain (for those who don’t know him – he’s a serious rock star among the chefs!) features in this episode Steve Goodson the creator as well as restaurateur of the brass instruments … Continue reading


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Spooky and creepy is this combo of the Teletubbies (for all of you kids out there, who never heard of Teletubbies: it is a British show for pre-school toddlers with strange looking characters using even more funnier language!) and Aphex Twin‘s “Come to … Continue reading

Head Orgasm through Sound

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ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” including whispering voice and sounds of different types all pleasurable enough to give you a real “head orgasm” check the videos HERE try here (PLEASE LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES!) 

How does Autumn sound?

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Every season has it’s certain smells, emotions but also sounds. Fragmentouniverso marked the end of the Summer remind us that Autumn is definitely here when you hear the following: “All the sounds in the piece are natural recordings, and have … Continue reading

Cold Stares

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It is amazing when artist experiment with conetemporary tools, such is digital programming and drones nowadays, and make something crazy scientific as Nosaj Thing and Chance the Rapper did for their latest title “Cold Stairs” “The video uses drones, 3D … Continue reading