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Hip Hop UK

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“From The Prodigy to Drum & Bass, it’s all come from British hip hop: Massive Attack, Tricky, Soul II Soul – it all came from people who were into hip hop” – Nick “The Head” Hallam of The Stereo MCs” … Continue reading

The Seaboard Keyboard

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ROLI, a techi start-up from UK made this keyboard with their newest developed  advanced technology called “The Sea Interface Technology”. See the movie about the instrument here (amazing sound) an here explained what ROLI is all about an more about … Continue reading

How did he do that?

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Miles Davis’ fellow collaborators talked to “Uncut” about the making process of “Kind of Blue”, “Bitches Brew” and more. Miles Davis – the making of Kind Of Blue, Bitches Brew and more – Uncut Originally published in Uncut’s September 2011 … Continue reading

Punk: A Feeling of No Future

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A short documentary on Punk and how it influenced and changed the people, rebellion and society: Don Letts, Judy Blame and Roger Burton tell us all about it.   

A tribe called Music-Fan

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“The Disciples” is a photography collection (and a book) by the British photographer James Mollison who went to concerts to photograph the waiting fan crowd before the venue. His photo’s speak of identity, commonalities, idols, role models and fun. In … Continue reading

Get Lost

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“Lost in music” is an upcoming the most extensive photographic compilation of 500 images in an exhibition about the 40 years of the club-dance scene in the UK. It all starts at the 5th of February and runs until the 17th of … Continue reading

Rock against racism

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Still on, a free exhibition for all of you in or heading to London, Rock against Racism. The exhibition runs until 5th December 2015 at Rivington place. Check it out:  


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Garage is not only the place where cool products like Apple are born, but it was a movement in the 90s, music genre, widely spread, especially in the UK. Ewen Spencer, the renowned British photographer, took his camera on the … Continue reading

John Peel’s Legacy

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John Peel was British radio presenter and DJ and the most influential music expert working for BBC Radio 1 in his “Peel’s sessions” show, until his death in 2004. He was well known for his eclectic musical taste and knowledge through … Continue reading

Artsy covers

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I know a bunch of people who buy a bottle of wine depending on the style and design of the wine label. Here is an French graphic artist currently based in London, UK, Lucas Donaud,  who is I bet, selling these records … Continue reading