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Mix Tape

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did you save your mix tapes from the 80s? I am sure I have or another still creeping somewhere in some boxes… Why, because Elbow, the “portable cassette player for the XXI century” (in development) is here to fresh up … Continue reading


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This is not just another nice t-shirt with a nice design and packaging (this retro tape look is pretty neat, don’t you think?). No, no, no. Each t-shirt can do much more: it is provided with the code which will supply … Continue reading

Retro Jam

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What music roamed the charts when you were born, or when you we’re a child? Do you remember to what you danced to when you were 16? Or at the prom-night? Here is a page to help you recollect. Enter … Continue reading

Radio days

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Retro is the new black, at least considering the amount of the new designed gadgets and appliances inspired by the mid-century industrial design. Here are two good examples, we like: SHA_RED is a wireless radio design concept  by the Swedish designer Marten … Continue reading