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Lego logic

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There is actually a turntable made out of Lego cubes, and it works!!!! Yay!!! 설명Model: Record player [ The Planet ] Dimensions: 310(W) × 340(D) × 210(H) mm Parts: LEGO 2,405 pcs Power supply: LEGO Power Functions Battery Box (8878) … Continue reading

Play before you eat

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Did you know that records made of chocolate actually exist? There  is a chocolate manufacturer in Split, Croatia, called “Nadalina” creates some which you can buy on several locations in Croatia ! The records can be played on your regular record player, … Continue reading

Digital-Analog Mash-Up

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“I’m concerned with people in any part of the world being comfortable with media being redefined from something that you have into something that you have access to,” says Jesse Enlgand in his interview to the Wired magazine. That is why … Continue reading