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Extraordinary acoustics

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These places will blow your mind when it comes to playing music in them. See the list bellow via the spaces 10 buildings with extraordinary acoustics It is all too easy for architecture to be seen and not heard. Instragrammable … Continue reading


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The public art installation called the ‘The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation’, has been created by design studio Daily tous les jours. Each swing represents one of four musical instruments (harp, vibraphone, guitar and piano), and if people swing … Continue reading

From Here to Ear

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Imagine following situation: you sit at the dinner table, you chitchat with your host, some interesting, almost avant-garde sounding music in the background, and then you ask your host, preferably Celeste Boursier Mougenot: “What is this music?”. He opens the … Continue reading


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A group of Estonian Art academy interior architecture students finds the nature to be too quite, so they decided to amplify the sounds by bringing huge wooden megaphones to the forest. “Each wooden cone is positioned to create a surround-sound experience, and … Continue reading

But, of course…

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…you would need a musician’s ear to decode the whale singing… Katy Payne is a biologist, but she majored in music first before becoming the scientist, so it is only natural that this woman gets behind the humpback whale songs … Continue reading