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The Vet-Met

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Vietnam Metal scene captured trough the lens of the photographer Neil Massey documenting the metal scene while living in Saigon for 6 years. More HERE. Running at the exhibition in Boxpark, Shoreditch, London now and until 31st of March, where you can … Continue reading

Black Metal

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Since 70s and with the appearing of the classical rock scene, according to the african born photographer Paul Shiakallis, the metal music in Botswana has spread among it’s people. Confronting the stereotyped thinking of how a metal fan looks like, or what lifestyle … Continue reading


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It’s Monday. Again! And we all have to concentrate on our work. To keep you awake the whole week we prepared something nerdy, cartooning and loud – the BatMetal: Dethklok & Batman mash-up! Oh there`s a part two, too! all … Continue reading

Robot Steam Punk Transformers

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“One Love Machine Band” is a project by the Berlin based artists Kolja Kugler turning metal pieces, junk and rests into humanoid, pneumatically controlled robots programmed for some serious jamming and rock’n’roll. Oh yes – they are also wind powered … Continue reading

Hard-Core Yearbook

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this is how they all looked like in the gentle teenage age: all those tough boys from even tougher bands. yeah, yeah, that’s how it is, when you still live with your parents and you’re not earning your own money!