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Sounds that Matter

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If you are a fan of podcasts, but even when not, we want to let you know that there is a fantastic series hosted by Band & Olufsen on sound: “Sound Matters”,. It is describing sounds in the world around … Continue reading

Diggin’ Deeper

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DIHH stands for “Digging into Hip-Hop” and it is an interactive site, which allows you to browse 2 interactive crates full of 90s hip-hop vinyls: take out and listen. Fun! CHECK, HERE!  


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A group of Estonian Art academy interior architecture students finds the nature to be too quite, so they decided to amplify the sounds by bringing huge wooden megaphones to the forest. “Each wooden cone is positioned to create a surround-sound experience, and … Continue reading

Sound of an empty space

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How does an empty space sounds, you asked yourself? Let’s see it in this  experimental research of the “relationships between microphones, speakers, and surrounding acoustic environments through controlled, self-generating microphone feedback” “Amplifying and aestheticizing the acoustic inactivity between technological “inputs” and … Continue reading

Lost (in) Music

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Using algorithms like Google search, the diverse music and social platforms display mostly things which have the widest spread or clicks or likes, so a lot of good stuff goes unnoticed and disappears in the vaults of the deep web. … Continue reading

How does Autumn sound?

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Every season has it’s certain smells, emotions but also sounds. Fragmentouniverso marked the end of the Summer remind us that Autumn is definitely here when you hear the following: “All the sounds in the piece are natural recordings, and have … Continue reading

World Music

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Ever wondered what people hear the most in, for example, Africa, Australia, even certan region or city? With this “Musical Map” project, Eliot Van Buskirk teamed up with Spotify and collected all the musically statistical data connecting it with the … Continue reading

Quentin Tarantino Movie Music

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Mr. Tarantino does not only make good movies but his taste in music is indisputable. Mixing everything from rock, soul, r’n’b, surf rock,rare grooves, jazz, hip-hop etc. he impressed millions of viewers and brought back some rare tracks back from the … Continue reading

How the cities sound

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This is exciting: “Sound City Project” is about to turn Google street view into the acoustic feast. Using the typical sounds of different city outdoor spaces they create sound collage to acoustically recognizable enables you to understand where you are and … Continue reading