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Hip Hop UK

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“From The Prodigy to Drum & Bass, it’s all come from British hip hop: Massive Attack, Tricky, Soul II Soul – it all came from people who were into hip hop” – Nick “The Head” Hallam of The Stereo MCs” … Continue reading

Miss Kitten

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Real kittens on the turntables, scratching like there’s no tomorrow. check the balls of fur in action here: 

Disco Cats

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We love Holland, we love Music, we love Fridays and the weekend, and sometimes, just sometimes we love cats. Here is all in one:  from De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, the guys understood that nowadays you don’t need hot chicks and cars … Continue reading

Give me your best shot, horsey

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Oh, animals are the favorites of the internet, especially when they do something we don’t expect them to. Like this horse: yes – he is playing a keyboard, and jamming to it too!