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Drink that sound

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Sam Bompas and Harry Parr got together team of artists, designers, organ specialists, composers and experts and have produced this wonderful church organ for the clients of Johnny Walke Red Label customers to be able to enjoy the whiskeys evern more. See … Continue reading

He did it again

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The designer of internet acclaimed Marble machine , Martin Molin, from while ago built two new fantastic instruments: “The first is a rather complex take on a traditional music box that uses punched paper-tape to control individual notes, and the second … Continue reading


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The Dato DUO is designed to have fun making music, together! While one player plays a melody on the sequencer side, the other creates its sound and adds percussion on the synthesizer side. By carefully controlling the possible parameters, we … Continue reading

Theremin in your browser

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To play the theremin, analogically, is a fine work of art and pretty difficult endeavor. Not if you can play it using your browser over this web page on a browser-based instrument. You can even loop, record and download your creations! Theremin … Continue reading

Mozart in space | Cello 2.0

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Future sounds through futuristic musical instruments, like this one here: cello for the 25th century designed by Bayer MaterialScience AG. “Music students want to be able to tune the instrument using color signals, know whether they are playing the right … Continue reading

Take me to another Sphere

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This amazing, futuristic, experimental, digital music instrument is called AlphaSphere. It has 48 elastic pads responding to touch, velocity and pressure. check the official page HERE! and see it in action in the videos here: