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Get your Xmas-feast fat off

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We bet a lot of your worry gaining all those extra pounds the following feasting weeks of pleasure and decadence and ruining your six-packs and hardbodies. How about this?

Get fresh

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“Fresh dressed” is the documentary chronicle about the hip-hop and urban fashion researching the meaning of fashion in the hip-hop culture. Sasha Jenkins, the music journalist and co-founder of the hip-hop magazine Ego Trip made the movie in collaboration with CNN … Continue reading


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“For years, Marvel Comics and Hip-Hop culture have been engaged in an ongoing dialog, beginning this October, we will shine a spotlight on the seamless relationship between those two unique forces.” says Marvel EIC Axel Alonso in a recent press … Continue reading

House + HipHop

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30 house tracks in a 3 and a half minute vimeo video narrating the evolving and a brief history of this music genre through the decades. &, a nice rap tune made created as a mix of different 80+ hiphop tunes … Continue reading

Hip – Art

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“Fly Art is the marriage of two of the finer things in life: Hip hop and art.” state artists Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano on their Tumblr page (where you will find a load more work as featured here) where they wittily … Continue reading