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Why does it seem to be that the best places you would every want to visit turn out to be fictional? Like this RAWSYNTH contemporary music festival is only a product of crazy innovative and aesthetically imaginative mind of the … Continue reading

I want my MTV

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In the 80s when MTV started broadcasting, it changed the face of the television but also the viewing and listening pop culture. It influenced music, bands, brands, labels, music producing, DJ’s, MC’s and musicians but not just them: MTV was … Continue reading


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We have seen all kinds of artful mixes of albums, music, vinyl, covers, posters made by numerous artists. Here is the next one featuring classic album art reconstructed in the retro Penguin-Book-Cover-Art look. Huw Gwilliam of LittlePixel made those. So … Continue reading

Artsy covers

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I know a bunch of people who buy a bottle of wine depending on the style and design of the wine label. Here is an French graphic artist currently based in London, UK, Lucas Donaud,  who is I bet, selling these records … Continue reading