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Creative AI for Music

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About AI is talked a lot these days. They take on everything: online banking, logistics, hard physical work to creative jobs like writing and making art. Why not music, then? Well it was just a question of time. Check out … Continue reading

Old school Punks

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The life plays it’s own music and that soundtrack has it’s own tune. Once passionate punks, these people talk about they past and where they are now in life. nice and very interesting life stories Never mind the bus pass: … Continue reading

The Seaboard Keyboard

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ROLI, a techi start-up from UK made this keyboard with their newest developed  advanced technology called “The Sea Interface Technology”. See the movie about the instrument here (amazing sound) an here explained what ROLI is all about an more about … Continue reading

Mozart in space | Cello 2.0

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Future sounds through futuristic musical instruments, like this one here: cello for the 25th century designed by Bayer MaterialScience AG. “Music students want to be able to tune the instrument using color signals, know whether they are playing the right … Continue reading

New sounds of new nature

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Phantom Terrains is a experimental sound platform developed over a 6 months using research funding from Nesta, the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, and Starkey Hearing‘s innovative Bluetooth-connected Halo hearing aids. The creators Frank Swain andDaniel … Continue reading

Music 3.0

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What is the future of experimental music in the time of internet, musical overflow and overall saturation? Here is a very good and important article on that subject on “Fader” by the underground music critic Adam Harper. Check the whole article … Continue reading

Future entertainment

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The Japanese all-girl-band Perfume just moved the boarders of live entertainment and concert/stage culture with their appearance at this years SXSW in Austin, Texas as a headliner for the final day of the SXSW Interactive. Rhizomatiks explain all about the … Continue reading

House + HipHop

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30 house tracks in a 3 and a half minute vimeo video narrating the evolving and a brief history of this music genre through the decades. &, a nice rap tune made created as a mix of different 80+ hiphop tunes … Continue reading