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Denim in Hip-Hop

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The importance of the blue cloth worn by wranglers, cowboys, trappers soon splashed, first the US mainstream and then the world:  James Dean, Marlon Brando and likes wore it, the Ted’s and the Poppers, only the Mod’s seemed to wanted … Continue reading

Heavy Fashion

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Dazed researched the fashions obsession with the heavy metal. Read it here: Tracing fashion’s obsession with heavy metal Look at any street style roundup and it’s hard to miss: the gritty aesthetic of heavy metal has found a new home in … Continue reading

Who wore that?

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T-shirts worn by your favorite artist can all be found at the t-shirt label Worn Free. See what your icon wore and get it yourself – HERE!

Get fresh

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“Fresh dressed” is the documentary chronicle about the hip-hop and urban fashion researching the meaning of fashion in the hip-hop culture. Sasha Jenkins, the music journalist and co-founder of the hip-hop magazine Ego Trip made the movie in collaboration with CNN … Continue reading

The Beach/Party

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We are sweating here at 40° in shades and are dreaming at least of a pool if not the real beach where the waves kiss the shore and we hold a cocktail in our hands, so the research about our next … Continue reading

Medieval Hip-Hop Couture

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As (Music) Monks we like it medieval, especially when the history is combined with todays Hip-Hop music (style) scene. Cecilia Azcarate in her B4-XVI (Beforesixteen) Tumblr places paintings, made before 16th century, with the photos of the contemporary Hip-Hop scene today next to … Continue reading

What we wore

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And here is another book for your coffee table, christmas present or as a good read on those cold days coming up “What we wore” – a people style history. Nina Manandhar had an idea of creating a British archive of style … Continue reading