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Another niche web page calling out for cretivity and experimentation: scribble.audio. just choose between the note, loop length, sound and/or triangle for the rhyhm and start to draw. fun! scribble.audio Draw loops of sound with this web synthesizer.  

Autorhythmic experiment

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Oh, nice. This is an experiment with particles in After Effects using Trapcode sound keys  & Mettle Shapeshifter by Ramiro AMK Fernandez. And he even composed the music by himself 🙂 The effects are beautiful!  

Real Boot-Leg

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Compared to the X-Ray records we called the real bootleg in our post from beginning of this year, this record her is something completely different. How to turn dance into music? Manuel & Ma went out in the clubs to answer … Continue reading

Twerking for science

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‘the booty drum is a device that records movement through accelerometers attached to the dancer’s booty. These movements translate into a lot of unique velocities and directions of movement. The movements, which are being mapped into unique midi values through … Continue reading

Nigel Stanford makes Sound visible

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The ambient and new-age composer from New Zealand, Nigel Stanford decided to experiment with sound and different materia where he filmed the whole process showing how the sound can be made visible. The result are the unique and beautiful forms pushing the scientific boarders … Continue reading

Drumming experiment

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This nice experiment shows the effect of different surroundings on sound: performed by Julien Audigier (Wikidrummers) on Natal drums. check it out: [youtube width=”560″ height=”315″]http://youtu.be/mY-f68J5PPo[/youtube]