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Creative AI for Music

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About AI is talked a lot these days. They take on everything: online banking, logistics, hard physical work to creative jobs like writing and making art. Why not music, then? Well it was just a question of time. Check out … Continue reading

Christmas Helmets

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Awww, we would absouletly loveeeeee to have these golden Daft Punk Christmas Ornaments already for this year to decorate our tree, but this glowing helmets are available for shipment only from February 2017.Definitely something for early Christmas birds.   Available for 23€ … Continue reading

Friday, creativity and inspirations

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Budweiser viral “Infected by Music” with original score from Tiestö & Jauz, is a wonderful piece of creativity and product presentation. And with it’s party-like atmosphere and summerly, festival grooves (electronic music festival Tomorrowland, to be more precise) the perfect way … Continue reading

Music 3.0

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What is the future of experimental music in the time of internet, musical overflow and overall saturation? Here is a very good and important article on that subject on “Fader” by the underground music critic Adam Harper. Check the whole article … Continue reading

Future entertainment

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The Japanese all-girl-band Perfume just moved the boarders of live entertainment and concert/stage culture with their appearance at this years SXSW in Austin, Texas as a headliner for the final day of the SXSW Interactive. Rhizomatiks explain all about the … Continue reading

Moby’s secret obsession

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Here are couple of  nice videos where artist Moby explains about  his massive obsession with the drum machines and synths and how he started collecting them. check it out:

Paper choreography

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I could do this too! First of all, I know how to fold paper cranes, second: I am geeky enough to confront a task like this, but until then enjoy the synchronized dance of origami cranes by the Japanese designer and … Continue reading

Guitar effects as they came

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This is a perfect first audio-post for your to enjoy on Musicmonks. The npr.org  made an awesome 5 min. radio documentary about the beginnings and evolution of the guitar effects evoked by the pedal and the Maestro Fuzz-Tone all the way through the … Continue reading