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Cold Stares

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It is amazing when artist experiment with conetemporary tools, such is digital programming and drones nowadays, and make something crazy scientific as Nosaj Thing and Chance the Rapper did for their latest title “Cold Stairs” “The video uses drones, 3D … Continue reading


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Why does it seem to be that the best places you would every want to visit turn out to be fictional? Like this RAWSYNTH contemporary music festival is only a product of crazy innovative and aesthetically imaginative mind of the … Continue reading

Kitty Monday Instant Relief

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it’s Monday, the beginning of the week and you’re already stressed out? “Furry friend” (Frequency-Shaped Cat Purr Noise Generator) is exactly what you looked for and is here to provide the immediate relief and to simply distress you. No cat … Continue reading

Future entertainment

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The Japanese all-girl-band Perfume just moved the boarders of live entertainment and concert/stage culture with their appearance at this years SXSW in Austin, Texas as a headliner for the final day of the SXSW Interactive. Rhizomatiks explain all about the … Continue reading

Moby’s secret obsession

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Here are couple of  nice videos where artist Moby explains about  his massive obsession with the drum machines and synths and how he started collecting them. check it out:

Powerful Designs for Music

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Mat Maitland is a contemporary graphic design artist from London who created some visually overwhelming campaigns (some of which you’re probably familiar with) over the past decades for famous musicians like Prince, Michael Jackson, Goldfrapp, Beck, Basement Jaxx, Elton John, Kylie Minogue … Continue reading

Radio days

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Retro is the new black, at least considering the amount of the new designed gadgets and appliances inspired by the mid-century industrial design. Here are two good examples, we like: SHA_RED is a wireless radio design concept  by the Swedish designer Marten … Continue reading