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LP stands for LongPlate

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“LongPlate” is series of plates made of porcelain but in a look and feel of a vinyl record by the Italian designer collective Mamado. Available in different sizes, you can buy the pre-designed or customized sets, or single plates packed in beautifully … Continue reading

Keep your motor running

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IXOOST a combination of engine exhaust pipes ending as compact speakers as a tribute to the race cars. This doc station to play your music at 6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinders, or the engine sounds while you enjoy the view of … Continue reading

Paper choreography

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I could do this too! First of all, I know how to fold paper cranes, second: I am geeky enough to confront a task like this, but until then enjoy the synchronized dance of origami cranes by the Japanese designer and … Continue reading

Swiss Hot Chocolate

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We are talking about the book on Punk & Wave in Switzerland 76-80s! “Hot Love” is a piece of wild Swiss musical heritage and culture, artistically edited and designed with the chronically delivered historical musical moments. Hot Love is the result … Continue reading

The Art Of Record Covers

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Hmmmm Vinyllllll… For all our fellow Vinyl Junkies, Vinyl Freaks, Geeks or whatever you are labeled (or label yourself), we never get bored to mesmerise about the magic of this hardened plastic and the sound it carries on it. It … Continue reading

Electronic drum vest

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the new fashion item this season is this electronic drum set vest – which will not only improve your image and your coolness, but also your live stage performance. Inspired by the Laurie Anderson’s “Home of the Brave” concert film … Continue reading

No Monday Blues

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  A Musicmonk has a distorted brain, obsessed not only for music but that what brings the music. Too late for our Christmas Wishlist, so no finding some other good excuse to reward ourselves with this little piece of luxury. … Continue reading