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Garage is not only the place where cool products like Apple are born, but it was a movement in the 90s, music genre, widely spread, especially in the UK. Ewen Spencer, the renowned British photographer, took his camera on the … Continue reading

Dancing Youth

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Inspired by the Rineke Dijkstra‘s series on youth called “The KrazyHouse” she’s been documenting since the late 90s, Erik Madigan Heck, the photographer and director, invited bunch Brooklyn kids and clubgoers to reimagine that in his new project : “Detroit switch … Continue reading

The Beach/Party

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We are sweating here at 40° in shades and are dreaming at least of a pool if not the real beach where the waves kiss the shore and we hold a cocktail in our hands, so the research about our next … Continue reading

Real Boot-Leg

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Compared to the X-Ray records we called the real bootleg in our post from beginning of this year, this record her is something completely different. How to turn dance into music? Manuel & Ma went out in the clubs to answer … Continue reading

Steppin’ Out

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Stepsequencer could become a new kind of a Dancing game, as you need to move or dance on the virtual instrument to make music. We would love to have this one in the office, especially as the sound collages are … Continue reading

Tekkno Revival

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Remember, just some week ago we reported on the museum for Techno music soon to be open in Frankfurt? If not, check it out here! I just excavated some interesting facts and material on German Techno scene! First the funny glossary by … Continue reading

Magic Hats Dance

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Dancing into the Friday/Weekend sun. That’s what we’re up to. We are not as good (acrobatic) dancers as Jabu & JR from Soweto, Johannesburg, here – but we’ll give our best. Play it & bring some sunshine in your life! Jam … Continue reading

House + HipHop

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30 house tracks in a 3 and a half minute vimeo video narrating the evolving and a brief history of this music genre through the decades. &, a nice rap tune made created as a mix of different 80+ hiphop tunes … Continue reading

Dance is not a crime

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Remember how street dance revolutionized the hip hop and breakdance culture, how it was important not only for the generations of the 80’s, but also the whole world embraced this subculture as something new and unique and definitely American? It evolved … Continue reading

Berghain – All night dance

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“Panorama” the Berghain’s infamous techno dance club in a former power generated plant in East Berlin, opens continuously from Friday night all through Monday noon with the average visitor spending 10 to 12 hours there! The photographer, Oliver Eglin portraits the danced-off … Continue reading