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Cover art of Disco

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“Soul Jazz records” released the book called DISCO: AN ENCYCLOPEDIC GUIDE TO THE COVER ART OF DISCO accompanied with the LP/CD compilation by the same name. Listen the tracks here! The book “features over 2,000 album cover designs as well as … Continue reading

The Art Of Record Covers

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Hmmmm Vinyllllll… For all our fellow Vinyl Junkies, Vinyl Freaks, Geeks or whatever you are labeled (or label yourself), we never get bored to mesmerise about the magic of this hardened plastic and the sound it carries on it. It … Continue reading


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I just ran up on this funky, cheeky, playful doodle illustrations from the UK based artist: ♡ Hattie Stewart ♡ and it’s been an instant LOVE. She doodles on everything from Playboy to fashion or music magazine covers (scroll bellow the images … Continue reading