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Nikola Puzigaca, Serb artist, sees music everywhere even in the street signs. In his latest project DESIGN he interprets those in a way you never saw it. awesome  

The Pumpkins

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Short documentary about the Chinese punk band “The Pumpkins” and their creative and existential struggles for Converse on Noisey. A very nice portrait:   

Who wore that?

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T-shirts worn by your favorite artist can all be found at the t-shirt label Worn Free. See what your icon wore and get it yourself – HERE!

I’m not in love

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“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” That’s how it starts. And with goose bumps….just a loooooong sigh: the biggest hit of the band TenCC published 1975 from their album The Original Soundtrack: “I’m not in love” But the band did so, so much more than that. … Continue reading

Think twice…

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….before you name your band… Bob Marshall of BuzzFeed made a noteworthy list of 25 bands with cringeworthy names and crowned with the bad band photos. Here are just a few, the whole list can be found in the link here!

Poster re-mixed

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Swissted is the name of the project made by the designer Mike Joyce. He got inspired by the swiss modernism and has created the typography driven posters for shows of the internationally famed bands and musicians. All design’s are based on … Continue reading

“Hurt” Cobain

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There is a new documentary about the iconic and already legendary “Nirvana” band leader and musician: Kurt Cobain, who influenced the whole generation of the 90s and beyond. We haven’t seen it yet, but what we read and saw was … Continue reading

Star upon a Wish

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We love the series of crazy star requests on tour all staged a still life paintings. Nine Inch Nails ordered 2 packs of corn starch (!?) while Frank Sinatra sticked to alcohol, shrimps and cough drops (note reads: “1 bottle each: Absolute, … Continue reading

Hipster Band

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A lot of bands face a problem when trying to name their project and in that name try to combine the coolness, the meaning, the philosophy, eventually genre or identity. If you are about to found a hipster band and … Continue reading

Robot Steam Punk Transformers

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“One Love Machine Band” is a project by the Berlin based artists Kolja Kugler turning metal pieces, junk and rests into humanoid, pneumatically controlled robots programmed for some serious jamming and rock’n’roll. Oh yes – they are also wind powered … Continue reading

Slayer rules – fan update

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(for Hanne) “Children of the grave” is the official project name of this photo-series from Sanna Charles. Under working title: “Slayer rules” she followed the band on their 2004 european tour and photographed the fans of the band inside and … Continue reading