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Sounds that Matter

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If you are a fan of podcasts, but even when not, we want to let you know that there is a fantastic series hosted by Band & Olufsen on sound: “Sound Matters”,. It is describing sounds in the world around … Continue reading

The Last Cassette Standing

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National Audio Company seems to be the last Audio Cassette making company in the US (and probably one of the only few left in the world) and is located in Springfield, Montana since 1969! They still offer the complete services of … Continue reading

Sending you forget me nots

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“Forgotify” is the name of the new music service bringing you over 4 million songs that are forgotten,never played, never heard in the great audio vault of the earth. And the people behind Forgotify think that’s not fair! Forgotify plays randomly … Continue reading

Digital-Analog Mash-Up

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“I’m concerned with people in any part of the world being comfortable with media being redefined from something that you have into something that you have access to,” says Jesse Enlgand in his interview to the Wired magazine. That is why … Continue reading

Guitar effects as they came

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This is a perfect first audio-post for your to enjoy on Musicmonks. The npr.org  made an awesome 5 min. radio documentary about the beginnings and evolution of the guitar effects evoked by the pedal and the Maestro Fuzz-Tone all the way through the … Continue reading