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More than air: Vaporwave

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We’re back in the Vaporvawe universum! A brief history of genre, sub-genres, artsy part, it’s genesis, development, movement and the state of it today by Wolfenstein OS X. Get lost in the meaningless world of consumerism:  and for all the … Continue reading

Vinyl covers gone Wookie

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“WhyTheLongPlayFace” is an Instagram account of Stephen Lear who gained a lot of publicity while changing iconic album covers with the StarWars characters. check more here.

Renovation time!

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If you are about to renovate your kitchen or bathroom or restroom, this might come in handy: tiles with quotes from different hip-hop tunes! “Tiles of Wisdom” by artist Max Siedentopf from Holland. …Contemporary wisdom by the great minds of non other … Continue reading

Negative collection

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Matthew Salacuse, editorial and documentary photographer from New York, collectes found negatives from the past, that is how, in his early career he already had more than 1000 of them compiled in a huge “family album”. His obsession and passion … Continue reading

Turn the turntable…

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….into a Zoetrope with this embodied animation from Elliot Schultz, his degree project from 2013. Challenged trough the limitation of the alternative media such as turntable for some creative processes like embroidery “In response, I have designed and embroidered animated … Continue reading


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this summer got us all exhausted. Press the pause and enjoy. Here are artsy vinyl gif(t)s as today’s post: ılı.——Volume——.ılı

Dancing Youth

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Inspired by the Rineke Dijkstra‘s series on youth called “The KrazyHouse” she’s been documenting since the late 90s, Erik Madigan Heck, the photographer and director, invited bunch Brooklyn kids and clubgoers to reimagine that in his new project : “Detroit switch … Continue reading

I want my MTV

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In the 80s when MTV started broadcasting, it changed the face of the television but also the viewing and listening pop culture. It influenced music, bands, brands, labels, music producing, DJ’s, MC’s and musicians but not just them: MTV was … Continue reading


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We have seen all kinds of artful mixes of albums, music, vinyl, covers, posters made by numerous artists. Here is the next one featuring classic album art reconstructed in the retro Penguin-Book-Cover-Art look. Huw Gwilliam of LittlePixel made those. So … Continue reading

Poster re-mixed

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Swissted is the name of the project made by the designer Mike Joyce. He got inspired by the swiss modernism and has created the typography driven posters for shows of the internationally famed bands and musicians. All design’s are based on … Continue reading


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For all of you who never have enough of autumn rain, raindrops or water in general, here is the vinyl project by the Japanese artist Kouichi Okamoto endlessly playing rain sounds and those of the falling raindrops. “THIS ATMOSPHERIC RECORD HAS … Continue reading