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Miniature Analog

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Illustrator Dan Mcpharlin made these little beauties 2008 for Esquire magazine . “The Analogue Miniatures series was my attempt to pay tribute to early synthesizers and analogue recording equipment. Rather than replicating existing machines, the focus was on creating a revisionist … Continue reading

Turn the turntable…

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….into a Zoetrope with this embodied animation from Elliot Schultz, his degree project from 2013. Challenged trough the limitation of the alternative media such as turntable for some creative processes like embroidery “In response, I have designed and embroidered animated … Continue reading

House of (analog) Sound

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As a photographer but also an audio enthusiast Christopher Bennett, originally a landscape photographer, made a perfect geeky, photo series about the analog sound making and producing still alive. He took his pictures in the workshops of dedicated audiophiles and … Continue reading