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Mix Tape

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did you save your mix tapes from the 80s? I am sure I have or another still creeping somewhere in some boxes… Why, because Elbow, the “portable cassette player for the XXI century” (in development) is here to fresh up … Continue reading

Are you gonna go my way?

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“In 1981, photographer Sophie Bramly moved from France to New York and for two years documented the Big Apple’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, taking pictures of graffiti artists, breakdancers and rappers such as the Beastie Boys and Run-DMC. Previously a fashion … Continue reading

Spread some loooveee

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Another borrowed article from the Dummy mag, this time with the Egyptian lover and his top 10 best electric funk tunes. Oh my! Thats so awesoooooooomeeeeee: 01. Electric Kingdom Twilight 22 Egyptian Lover: “I remember when I first heard this track … Continue reading

The kids are allright

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New study on kids who were Heavy Metal fans in the 80s has proven that they  “were significantly happier in their youth, and better adjusted currently” The study, published in the journal Self and Identity, featured 377 adults: 154 who … Continue reading

I want my MTV

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In the 80s when MTV started broadcasting, it changed the face of the television but also the viewing and listening pop culture. It influenced music, bands, brands, labels, music producing, DJ’s, MC’s and musicians but not just them: MTV was … Continue reading

Superstar Heroes

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Billy the Butcher, the talented Brazilian illustrator, is probably right: “Alter-egos, ridiculous costumes and legions of fans – maybe musicians are superheroes?!” Here they are, saving the world of music, the post-punk superheroes. You want it? Badly? Billy’s shop for … Continue reading

Moby’s secret obsession

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Here are couple of  nice videos where artist Moby explains about  his massive obsession with the drum machines and synths and how he started collecting them. check it out:

House + HipHop

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30 house tracks in a 3 and a half minute vimeo video narrating the evolving and a brief history of this music genre through the decades. &, a nice rap tune made created as a mix of different 80+ hiphop tunes … Continue reading

Powerful Designs for Music

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Mat Maitland is a contemporary graphic design artist from London who created some visually overwhelming campaigns (some of which you’re probably familiar with) over the past decades for famous musicians like Prince, Michael Jackson, Goldfrapp, Beck, Basement Jaxx, Elton John, Kylie Minogue … Continue reading

Swiss Hot Chocolate

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We are talking about the book on Punk & Wave in Switzerland 76-80s! “Hot Love” is a piece of wild Swiss musical heritage and culture, artistically edited and designed with the chronically delivered historical musical moments. Hot Love is the result … Continue reading