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Another borrowed article from the Dummy mag, this time with the Egyptian lover and his top 10 best electric funk tunes. Oh my! Thats so awesoooooooomeeeeee:

01. Electric Kingdom Twilight 22

Egyptian Lover: “I remember when I first heard this track – it sounded so futuristic and so clean. The whole thing was exactly what I wanted to do.”

02. Nuclear Holocaust The Future

Egyptian Lover: “I absolutely loved how Nuclear Holocaust made this track. Nice 808 program and such a great overall track. This track inspired me and my career so much.”

03. Newcleus Computer Age (Push The Button)

Egyptian Lover: “This track is recorded in such a perfectly clean way – built with an 808 and music that came from a great mind. I still to this day love this track.”

04. Reggie Griffin Mirda Rock

Egyptian Lover: “Mirda Rock’s Reggie Griffin has a very big sound, and the background vocals inspired me to do so much within my own work.”

05. The Bar Kays Do It (Let Me See You Shake)

Egyptian Lover: “This is such a very nice funk song with a very electro feel and whenever I’ve played this track out people have always danced like crazy.”

06. Midnight Star Electricity

Egyptian Lover: “Midnight Star kept coming up with solid hits like this, absolutely timeless. It’s pure funk and at the time was a touch of the future. I loved the quality.”

07. Tom Browne Rockin Radio 

Egyptian Lover: “When people like Tom Browne started doing electro I knew it was a sound that would last forever. Those beats!!! This is timeless for me.”

Maurice Starr Spacey Lady

Egyptian Lover: “Anything from Maurice Starr has always had me going. This was so much a huge inspiration for me to get into music and it has helped me lots in my own work and career.”

Planet Patrol Play At Your Own Risk 

Egyptian Lover: “What? Is that Planet Rock with someone singing on it? Craziness. Instant love for this one.”

Herbie Hancock Rock It

Egyptian Lover: “Quality. I learned how to Keep It Clean and make futuristic sounds that have a great feel to music from this. What a groove!”