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Songs for Advertising – repurposed, recycled, sound-aliked

We, henanX – working with licensing, advertising and in the international music market know all kinds of requests by the client. This article we found on repurposed songs in advertising, sums up how to do it, what not to do and showcases numerous errors and misunderstood meanings of the song in context to the usage for advertising.

We have to add to the list of bad music usage for Aperol Sprizz + “Street Life” by Randy Crawford:


Eccoci di nuovo pronti per uno spritz! La location ricorda proprio un bellissimo fine giornata da passare con gli amici.


Charlie: Everyone’s using old rock songs now. They’re not gonna hire a guy like me to write a jingle for tampons when they can just play “Stuck in the Middle With You”.

Two and A Half Men


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So there’s this song from your youth. Whenever you listen to it, it brings back a whole lot of good memories, and you end up going through the rest of your day with a smile. What better tune to use to advertise a product? Advertising is all about …