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Sex & drugs and well, Mozart

Oh yeah, I needed a long time to start watching “Mozart in the Jungle”. Only after I found out it won a Golden Globe this year and knowing that Gael García Bernal is playing the main role and it was for free on amazon (who produced it too) I though I might give it a chance.

The series is great, it is about the New York’s symphony orchestra and  I was bound to it since the first episode and watched the two seasons in the shortest time ever.

Well the fact that it’s a comedy helped, the fact that it si really funny helped too, but also that it was co-produced by Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman helped a great deal!

It is really witty, funny, charming, lovely and good. trust me – check the trailers and give it a try:

Trailer Season 1

Trailer Season 2