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Real Boot-Leg

Compared to the X-Ray records we called the real bootleg in our post from beginning of this year, this record her is something completely different.

How to turn dance into music? Manuel & Ma went out in the clubs to answer that question and this is what happened:

The experimental record label Bureau-B releases the first record made by boots and legs. On a Bureau-B label night we taped blank/silent vinyl to the floor. The concert crowd danced on them.

After the concert the records were scratched and dirty.Two label artists recomposed the noise of the scratches into unique tracks, which were pressed on a limited collectors EP.

Not only the music but also the entire design concept was done by the audience. Including cover design, posters and flyers.”

The cover of the record was too designed by people stepping all over it (super-concept we like!) with the sound from the Automat concert and Schnieder TM on the 10th of October 2014, which can be purchased as a limited 12″ vinyl for €7,99 here.

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