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Poster re-mixed

Swissted is the name of the project made by the designer Mike Joyce.

He got inspired by the swiss modernism and has created the typography driven posters for shows of the internationally famed bands and musicians.

All design’s are based on the Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk font in medium/lowercase and you can view all of them (there are many more than shown in this post) and buy on the Swissted page here for $50 each.

Nice, minimal and very bold!

OH, and there is also a book about the same project you can see and buy here!

radiohead_1024x1024 ramones_3_1024x1024 rem_1024x1024 smiths_2_1024x1024 stone_roses_1024x1024 sugarcubes_1024x1024 television_2_1024x1024 undertones_large velvet_underground_1024x1024 ziggy_stardust_2_1024x1024 bauhaus_1024x1024 beastie_boys_1_1024x1024 bikini_kill_1024x1024 black_flag_2_1024x1024 david_bowie_1024x1024 dri_1_1024x1024 generation_x_1024x1024 heatmiser_1024x1024 husker_du_1024x1024 jam_1024x1024 joy_division1_1024x1024 modest_mouse_1024x1024 new_order_1024x1024 nirvana_1_1024x1024