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Playful thing

AAAAAAWWWWWWWW. Another super-app we want to play with the whole day!!!!

Memory Mosaic is the name of this new discovery which clusters samples of music collected from your iTunes library and replays them in loops you determine by connecting the saved sounds with your finger on the touch screen. It can also do more:

“Interactive clustering of the sounds lets you visually see all of the sounds learned, clustering similar sounds together. Use the touchscreen to trigger their playback, creating an instrument out of all the sounds you’ve taught the app.

You can also add a song from your iTunes Library to the app’s memory, creating a mashup of sounds in your sonic environment based on your favorite music. You can also use other songs to remix sounds that it has learned, even from other songs, creating an automated remix.

Each time the app is started, it starts learning the sounds from its environment immediately – the longer it is left running the more it learns. ”

check out the video bellow or/& get the app immediately here!

really neat: