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Negative collection

Matthew Salacuse, editorial and documentary photographer from New York, collectes found negatives from the past, that is how, in his early career he already had more than 1000 of them compiled in a huge “family album”.

His obsession and passion changed into searching the flea markets for more and finally founding a professional library called “The Negative Collection” where he picked out the most interesting and pretty ones, reproducing them into print collections for sale on his page, here.

We found couple of nice historical moment from the music history in his collection, so if you have a free wall and want to invest in print art, here is your chance to do so:

negative_collection_Lewis Negative_collection_Duke Jazz_musician-1 jamesBrown RayCharles Louie_Negativesmaller WatkinsGlenWeb tomWaits202 negCollectionSlides206NEWsmall-1