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Musical furniture on auction

Here is an auction for a pair of artsy “Cruz Record tables” made by Adam Blackman & David Cruz.

I created the Blackman Cruz Record table to honor and, in effect, memorialize the vinyl record. The 300 sadly obsolete LPs used to cast this table did so with dignity and grace. It should be noted: No Leonard Cohen, Aretha Franklin or Motown records were harmed in the making of these tables. – Adam Blackman  These record tables feature a special patina making them a unique pair. Impressed with manufacturer’s mark and number to each example: [Blackman Cruz 1/2] and [Blackman Cruz 2/2].”

Estimate price: $6.000-$8.000 for a pair. You can bid for it, here.

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And here’s antoher one, I personally could settle for. In patinated bronze, limited edition of 50. Price: $5.800. Buy it here.