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Mix Tape

did you save your mix tapes from the 80s? I am sure I have or another still creeping somewhere in some boxes…

Why, because Elbow, the “portable cassette player for the XXI century” (in development) is here to fresh up those tunes and bring them happily in your ears:

ELBOW’s most prominent feature is the biaxial arm. It rotates in two directions – upward motion enables the insertion of a cassette, while sideways motion allows to manually switch playing direction. Playback is controlled by a single wheel – turning left from the initial position activates the motor and increases volume, turning in the opposite direction fast-forwards the cassette. The device has two connections: a standard 3.5mm audio plug, and a mini-USB port for charging and transferring audio to a computer. Also, an additional pin can be used to attach player to clothes and other objects, turning your cassette into a unique accessory.

Made by Bridde, check it out, HERE!