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Millenium Turntable

Marco Garza always wanted a Millennium Falcon toy, the starship from Star Wars, as a kid. But, unfortunately, never got one. Today he’s a grown up man, electronic instrument technician, and has found it for 2$, but it was missing all the parts.

Still he had an idea: let the Falcon fly with the power of music!
He took apart the old Technics 1200 turntable, took the Falcon and, in a complex process and 9 months of work, he built the parts in, to a perfect blend and the Millennium 1200 was born!

You can follow the process on his page here, as he still says it is not 100% finished – we can’t await to see it in action.

The best choice for the premiere would be the Star Wars OST!

the toy:


the process:

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