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Kendrick Lamar – Alright

Today blog post is dedicated to one sublime young American rapper, an artist, who revolutionized the genre with his intelligent and socially critical lyrics: Kendrick Lamar.

He is back with the new video for the the song “Alright”, kept in slick and simple black and white visuals directed by Collin Tilley & The Little Homies.

Check out the powerful song and the even more powerful images about the life of a black person in general, the violence, the youth, their dreams and hopes, the still existing and unsolved racism issue in the USA as well as daily conflicts with the, mainly white, police members.


Kendrick-Lamar---Alright1Kendrick-Lamar---Alright3 Kendrick-Lamar---Alright9 Kendrick-Lamar---Alright4 Kendrick-Lamar---Alright7 Kendrick-Lamar---Alright6 Kendrick-Lamar---Alright8 Kendrick-Lamar---Alright5