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Flying Lotus new film score

Flying Lotus has composed music for the kind-of docu-fiction movie “Love True” directed by Alma Ha’rel and (obviously) produced by Shia LeBouf!

The movie will have it’s debut performance soon, in Manhattan at the Tribeca Film Festival, taking place from 13th – 24th April 2016 and according to the film description we already imagine the beautiful soundtrack Flying Lotus must have contributed to the movie!

We can’t wait!

Love True pushes the documentary genre further into new realms as it looks into the opposing realities of the “True Love” fantasy. Does our view of love change as we grow older? How do we make decisions about our love lives? Is there such a thing as true love? Are there invisible partners in our relationships? Past ghosts of ourselves? The film’s reenactments of significant past experiences and glimpses at possible futures, created with non-actors playing the characters’ older and younger selves, encourage the couples to confront the realities of their hopes and memories, and the effect they have on their love lives.”