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Dusty treasures

& how big is your record collection? As I regularly try to separate from things and objects gathered over the decades. The record collection seems to be the only thing still growing!

Eilon Paz uses our gathering obsession (or his own: he is a record collector too) for his photography work and, what started as a blog, turned into a big project and a printed book. He searched the record stores over the years, for people, collectors, whom he could interview and write his stories about. He made it to 130 private vinyl tales, and the project is still ongoing.

Here is the small preview of his output.

Even more on his “Dust & Grooves” blog, or in the book! 

Dust_and_Grooves_-4 Dust_and_Grooves_-6 Photographer Dust_and_Grooves_0246 Dust_and_Grooves_0316 Dust_and_Grooves_00521 Dust_and_Grooves_1218 Dust_and_Grooves_1986 Dust_and_Grooves_2868 Dust_and_Grooves_3017 Dust_and_Grooves_4590 Dust_and_Grooves_4931-copy Dust_and_Grooves_05081 Dust_and_Grooves_5894-3 Dust_and_Grooves_6172-2 Dust_and_Grooves_6199-3 Dust_and_Grooves_8812 Dust_and_Grooves_28601 Dust_and_Grooves_62582 Dust_and_Grooves_86721 Dust_and_Grooves_96242