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Don’t eat the Yellow Snow


Pop music wisdom and brilliant philosophy compiled from song titles and lyrics, captured in a notebook-like compendium by the graphic designer Marcus Kraft called: “Don’t eat the Yellow Snow”.

About the book, in his own words:”the book lists 250 of the best songs for the times when solid advice is needed. the songs represent popular music styles from the last 50 years, from rock to folk and from punk to hip hop. it’s a collection of famous songs, but there are many surprises as well.” get it here!

There is also a selection of postcards, individual prints and this shiny wine-trio which can be ordered via e-mail.


check the video about the projects & couple of pics



dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_02_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_03_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_04_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_07_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_08_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_09_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_10_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_13_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_16_marcus_kraft dont_eat_the_yellow_snow_18_marcus_kraftpopmusicwisdom_weinedition_zaehringer_ALL_studiomarcuskraft