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CBGBs Punk

The wild child David Godlis roamed the 70s and took pictures of bands and musicians at the legendary CBGBs using the long exposure in available light refusing to use flash which was very popular among the photographers at the time. Now his work is getting a book, a recently finished Kickstarter project raised the amount of $ 130.987 with Jim Jarmusch writing the foreword to the book.

BlondieCBGB1977_GODLIS#012+-+CBGB's+1977CBGB_GarbageTruck1977_004H_godlis cbgb020H cbgb030H cbgb042H

Joey Ramone, St.Marks Place NYC 1981 Joey Ramone, St.Marks Place NYC 1981

cbgb126H DictatorsCBGB_1976_GODLIS godlis-logoLRZ-black NoWavePunks1978_029H_godlis-1 NoWavePunks1978_029H_godlis p104_boweryView77_cbgb046H_godlisPattiSmith1976_GODLIS Ramones+CBGB's+1977 RichardHell1978_GODLIS