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Voice Controlled personal assistant are no spooky, AI robots. They can be amazing entertainment and party companion and creativity booster. Like in our case of henanX, we are super excited that, together with Serviceplan Innovation, we brought South-London hip-hop crew … Continue reading


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“Übermut” (High Spirit) ist the name of he new Berlin project, an initiative of visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, and is taking a stand on art made in Germany and the nation’s creativity. Their … Continue reading

Cap Verde Cosmic

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Summer read, weird & special, over at Guardian: How a mysterious ghost ship brought cosmic disco to Cape Verde In a calm morning in March 1968, a shipment carrying the latest Korgs, Moogs and Hammond organs set off from Baltimore … Continue reading


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Remember our post from a year ago on KFC South Africa integrating local bands into place mats in the store for the customers to discover (and support) local talent HERE? Well McDonalds seems to have “come up” with the same … Continue reading

Oldie but goodie

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This is a video from 6 years ago about a simple machine making music. Yes its a Cine 4D project yet a good one and the beats & vibes are also not to be underestimated.

We are Music and Music we Are

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“Andante” is a music project by Tangible Media Group (MIT Media Lab from Massachusetts) where animated light characters “walk” over the piano keys making sound. The group tried to explain how music is deeply rooted within us and every sound … Continue reading

Music Dox

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If you want to escape the European Championship coming up this weekend in France or you know you’re facing rainy days this weekend, then we have another nice list for your sore eyes. Dazed and Confused compiled a neat little list … Continue reading

Hip-Hop in a Burka

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Amirah Sackett is a young dancer behind the group “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic“. Here she show’s us how hijab and burkas cannot stop muslim women from having fun dancing and tries to fight back against the intolerance, discrimination and ignorance. see for yourself: