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Miniature Analog

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Illustrator Dan Mcpharlin made these little beauties 2008 for Esquire magazine . “The Analogue Miniatures series was my attempt to pay tribute to early synthesizers and analogue recording equipment. Rather than replicating existing machines, the focus was on creating a revisionist … Continue reading

Wes Anderson’s music worlds

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Another Mag put together this neat opus of the musical worlds of the iconic director Wes Anderson, compiled on Spotify. Listen here & let the good times roll… AnOther Wes Anderson Playlist, a playlist by anothermagazine on Spotify A playlist featuring The … Continue reading

We are Music and Music we Are

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“Andante” is a music project by Tangible Media Group (MIT Media Lab from Massachusetts) where animated light characters “walk” over the piano keys making sound. The group tried to explain how music is deeply rooted within us and every sound … Continue reading