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Voice Controlled personal assistant are no spooky, AI robots. They can be amazing entertainment and party companion and creativity booster. Like in our case of henanX, we are super excited that, together with Serviceplan Innovation, we brought South-London hip-hop crew … Continue reading

Friday, creativity and inspirations

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Budweiser viral “Infected by Music” with original score from Tiestö & Jauz, is a wonderful piece of creativity and product presentation. And with it’s party-like atmosphere and summerly, festival grooves (electronic music festival Tomorrowland, to be more precise) the perfect way … Continue reading

Call me a song

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Samsung teamed up with the electronic band Little Dragon and multimedia artist group called Odd Division to create musical instrument using their smart phones for the live performance which took place at the New Museum in New York called “Edge … Continue reading

Capitalist Punk

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Yes, the world is changing, when even the Sex Pistols have their own Virgin MasterCard. 1975 things were rolling differently. Sorry kids, punk does seem to be dead…

Take a Soundbite…

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…at the KFC in South Africa and support your local poet! KFC, since no record label, decided to create a kind of in-house guerrilla marketing to promote local music artists without the record label or contract to help them promote … Continue reading

I want my MTV

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In the 80s when MTV started broadcasting, it changed the face of the television but also the viewing and listening pop culture. It influenced music, bands, brands, labels, music producing, DJ’s, MC’s and musicians but not just them: MTV was … Continue reading

Made by you

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We love the good piece of advertising and a good inspiration in sound design and usage of music within the same, so we want to share this with you. It’s a nicely produced commercial for the iconic history and heritage of  Converse … Continue reading

The magic of “R”

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Musicmonks like exciting advertising – especially when it has good music! This is what we dig. Press (& hold) R-Key for an adrenaline “R”ush: