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Bild – Give everything. Show everything. (Alles Geben. Alles Zeigen)

One post on our own behalf as we’re proud and we want to show it!

We felt the heat, but didn’t see much of the sun during one of the hottest German summers in history and this is why:

Bild Zeitung, the biggest newspaper of Europe premiers an image campaign that launches the first work of their new lead agency VCCP Berlin. 

henanX was commissioned to organize and supervise the pitch for both the music for the TVC as well as the sound logo. In close cooperation with the LA based German composers team Nordmeister (Malte Hagemeister and Kristian Nord) we together developed the new sound signature for the brand’s goal to the leading multimedia force in Germany. 


henanX – music supervision / music production

Client: Bild

Campaign: Slap the logo

Agency: VCCP

Filmproduction: Trigger Happy

Music: YouGuys – Fritz Rating

Soundlogo: Nordmeister – Malte Hagemeiter and Kristian Nord