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Berlin Spaces

We love this city and its relentless night life.

Here are 8 of the most unusual Berlin music venues, not just as musical, but also architectural and historical gems.


Radialsystem V 

a former derelict waterwork

Architect: reconstructed by Gerhard Spangenberg in 2006



Prince Charles 

  • set in a former swimmingpool

Architects: Clarke & Kuhn || 2011




  • a silent film cinema in 1929. closed after WWII bombing

Reopened by by Per Aspera Productions || 2012




  • renovated space originating back to the 19th century when the place served as stables for a royal regiment




  • former power plant from 1960.

Kraftwerk-Berlin-3-1050x663 Kraftwerk-Berlin


Gartenstrasse cabaret theatre

  • Weimar era 1905. theater, closed by the Nazis during the WWII || reopening 2017!

LAVA-Gartenstrasse-2-1050x663 Gartenstrasse-2 Gartenstrasse-4


The Waldbühne

  • Greek-style amphitheatre built for the infamous 1936 Summer Olympic

Architect: Werner March

Berliner_Waldbuehne waldbuhne_2


Piano Salon Christophori

  • Hidden deep within Wedding’s Uferhallen – a large, brick cultural complex once used for repairing vehicles and now used for dance studios, concerts and art exhibitions


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