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Art of the Black Star

Did you ever wonder who is behind the iconic art cover of David Bowie’s work, especially his last project: “Black Star” after release of which he left us, much too much too soon?

It is the designer Jonathan Barnbrook. To the design of “Black Star” he said:

This was a man who was facing his own mortality, and I hope the design is appropriate to that. 

For this album, I think it’s not just about the symbolism in it, it is as much about the emotional feel of it, in particular, the vinyl, the black record, the black packaging, and the fact that you can see the record as a physical thing that degrades, it get scratched as soon as it comes into being, that is a comment on mortality too.

The idea of mortality is in there, and of course the idea of a black hole sucking in everything, the Big Bang, the start of the universe, if there is an end of the universe. These are things that relate to mortality.”

It is so minimal and beautiful:Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-29 um 16.39.08 Blackstar-digitalsingleblackstar Jonathan-Barnbrook_David-Bowie_Blackstar_album-cover-art_dezeen_936_02 stories-bowie-blackstar-poster BowieBlog04